Air Cooler Header

24 Series Long Reach Tube Expanders

Available in 3, 4, and 5 roll styles.

Long Reach Tube Cutters

Engineered for both cutting and puncturing tubes.

New Solution For Expanding Tubes In Air Coolers

The air cooler collar ring is designed to prevent costly damage to the plug hole threads and reduce the pressure put on the header box face.

Header Plugs

Header Plugs and Gaskets are available in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel in 3/4″ – 1-3/8” sizes.
Additional sizes and materials are available upon request.

Want Easier Air Cooler Maintenance?

While the design of air coolers can make maintenance challenging, applying these tips can help ease the process.

Assisted Tube Rolling Systems

Elliott offers 2 different assisted tube rolling systems and each system comes equipped with a variety of features to suit a specific industry application.

Ultra Hawk

Capable of performing both parallel pin and traditional expansion.

Rapid Hawk

Utilizes an electronic torque control system to precisely measure tube expansion.