Rapid Hawk

Assisted Tube Rolling System

Uncompromising Consistency With Faster Productivity

Safe & Ergonomic

The Rapid Hawk’s articulated arm supports the weight and absorbs the torque of the rolling motor
using a pneumatic counterbalance, which allows the operator to effortlessly move the motor into position.

  • Built-In Safety Features

    The Articulated Arm protects the operator from the arm suddenly dropping.

  • Works Great In Small Spaces

    The Weighted Pedestal allows for convenient placement in small work spaces.

  • Supports Tool Weight

    Pneumatic Counterbalance decreases operator fatigue by absorbing torque and allowing effortless positioning of the arm & rolling motor.

  • More Reach, Less Re-Adjusting

    Large radial reach increases productivity by allowing a large area of tubes to be rolled without re-adjusting the unit.

  • Effortless Positioning

    The Articulated Arm increases operator ergonomics and decreases operator fatigue by supporting tool weight.

Rapid Hawk Lowered Cost & Increased Productivity For Several Customers

Quick & Easy Setup

Ergonomically roll a large area of tubes without readjusting the Rapid Hawk, with its large radial reach. For convenient transportation of the unit, it is equipped with heavy-duty casters, forklift pockets, and a hoist ring.

Get Up & Running Quickly

Articulated Arm

Fully assembled articulated arm minimizes setup time by arriving fully assembled.

Easy To Move


Heavy-duty casters, forklift pockets, and hoist ring, provide a variety of methods to easily move the Rapid Hawk around facilities.

Simple To Setup

Filter/Regulator & Lubrication

Filter/Regulator & Lubrication allows for simple setup of the Rapid Hawk and decreases maintenance by extending the life of the pneumatic counterbalance and air motor.