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Parallel & Traditional Tube Rolling System
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Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Experience the flexibility and speed of parallel pin rolling with the simple flip of a switch.

True parallel pin rolling can reduce the stress created on welded tube joints and get up to twice the speed of tapered rolling, making it ideal for certain applications.

30% Tube Expansion Savings, Guaranteed

Elliott’s Ultra Hawk is the first of its kind. Offering the speed and productivity of an electric servo motor with the capability to perform parallel pin and traditional expansion, it maximizes productivity by providing the best in class cycle times and eliminating costly rework from less precise methods.

Condenser Expanders
  • Change Tooling Quickly

  • Large Radial Reach

  • Maintain Tool Allignment

  • Monitor System Output

  • Roll Every Tube to Spec

Eliminate Tube Sheet Warping

Parallel pin expansion reduces the force exerted against the tube and tube sheet, eliminating costly tube sheet damage and warping.

Operator Friendly Controls

Easy to use HMI allows for quick job setup and job saving capability. Simply set torque with the easy to use control panel and hit “go”.

Easy to Move

Heavy-duty casters, forklift pockets, and hoist ring, provide a variety of methods to easily move the Ultra Hawk around facilities.

Automatic Tool Lubrication

The system increases tool life by providing lubrication exactly where it’s needed, through the cage and directly to the rolls and mandrel.

Increase Productivity & Save Costs

Experience up to 50% energy savings compared to air and hydraulic systems.

Condenser Expanders

Built-In Safety Features

Safety control valve protects the operator by eliminating a sudden drop of the articulated arm in case of pneumatic air loss.

Effortless Positioning

Upgraded mast and rail allows for easy positioning of the articulated arm, decreasing operator fatigue.

Increase Expander Life

Swivel Mount securely supports the Power Head to relieve weight stress and increase expander life.

Supports Tool Weight

Pneumatic counterbalance decreases operator fatigue by absorbing torque and allowing for effortless positioning of the arm and rolling motor.

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