A History Of Innovation

In September 1892, an inventor and manufacturer named Gustav Wiedeke began a small manufacturing business in a modest building at the rear of his Dayton, Ohio home. Today, over 100 years later, Wiedeke Dayton has become Elliott Tool Technologies Ltd. due to Mr. Wiedeke’s efforts.

The Wiedeke business continued to operate as a family enterprise for the next 32 years. By this time, Wiedeke products had earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in the industries they served. Wiedeke tools were innovative enough to be covered by various patents and trademarks.

In 1916, William Elliott also recognized the need and opportunity in the industry for efficient tube cleaning equipment. Operating plants in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the company went through several company name iterations (Lagonda Springfield and Elliott Springfield) and eventually became known as the Elliott Company. By the late 1960’s, Elliott Company also enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its cleaning and turbomachinery products. And in 1969, acquired the Gustav Wiedeke Company.

Today we are a private company known as Elliott Tool Technologies. Boasting self-directed work teams, exceptional customer service, and a continued commitment to producing tube tools Gustav Wiedeke and William Swan Elliott would be proud of.

Elliott Tool Technologies is proud to represent 125 years of manufacturing, sales, and engineering experience.

Quality Specialty Tools For An “I Need It Yesterday” World.


As the original tube tool company since 1892, you can count on
Elliott Tool Technologies for high-quality products that are available when you need them.

“A couple years ago I decided to upgrade my boiler division. I wanted the best tools on the market. I wanted tools for replacing one tube or ten thousand tubes. Tubes from 1/2” to 6”! Standard to heavy wall! The team at Elliott Tool not only sold me exactly what I needed, they took the time to come to my office and train my team on the proper way to use the tools and proper maintenance of the tools. How many vendors do you have that will do that for you? A wise man once told me to surround yourself with successful people and you will be successful. Elliott Tool will always be part of my team!”

James Williams, Owner, Williams Mechanical Services

“In the competitive environment we are in, Metalforms is always looking for ways to reduce our costs, improve our quality, and improve our safety. It is good when we can find a supplier that can do one of those really well. We are impressed when a supplier can do two of those. Elliott Tool was instrumental in helping us with all three!”

Dave Hearn, President, Metalforms, Ltd.

“At Trane, we have an unceasing pursuit for improving our manufacturing processes. Having manufacturing partners that are equally engaged is essential to a sustainable future. Elliott Tool Technologies has embraced that role with swift response by leading and providing custom tool solutions to match our continuous improvement goals.”

Max Ford, Manufacturing Engineer, Trane Technologies, La Crosse

“They [Elliott] have always strived to have on-time shipments, great service, and maintain 100% stocking levels. We have had several other companies try to supply this facility, but no one will give us the attention, service, or quality that Elliott has always given us. Elliott is a true team player.”

Anthony Conti, Site Manager, Bruckner Supply Co.

“Elliott’s service has always been good and reliable and replacement parts and consumables are available if we need them.”

Charles Gardinier, Chilling Station Maintenance Supervisor, University of Texas at Austin

“I could only wish the majority of my supplier base could improve to Elliott’s level of customer satisfaction we here at Parker Hannifin Aerospace business unit have become used to. I would be honored to be called upon to recommend Elliott as a source of supply.”

Paul Irwin, Procurement Manager, Parker Hannifin- Aerospace

“Support was the reason we went with the Elliott equipment. The product is great and the people we worked with have been great.”

Ryan Pitre, Manufacturing Engineer, Alfa Laval Inc