The Gustav Wiedeke Award

In 1892, an inventor and manufacturer named Gustav Wiedeke began a small manufacturing business in Dayton, OH. Today, over 100 years later, Wiedeke Dayton has become Elliott Tool Technologies due to Mr. Wiedeke’s efforts.

Gustav Wiedeke

Our Inspiration

Elliott’s founder, Gustav Wiedeke was an inventor and manufacturer who started Wiedeke Dayton out of his home in 1892. Wiedeke went on to design the first tube expander that others have attempted to copy over the years, in addition to other specialty tools for heat exchanger and boiler maintenance.

Wiedeke’s spirit of innovation is still represented at Elliott today. With over 125 years of developmental experience, Elliott is pioneering the way in industry innovation.

About The Award

Elliott’s Gustav Wiedeke Award is a way to recognize an individual or company for challenging Elliott to innovate and develop products that benefit the entire industry. Our team values customer feedback and participation in Elliott’s new product development process and encourages others to collaborate with us to overcome industry challenges.

Award Recipients

Gustav Wiedeke Award Total Boiler

John Derrick, Total Boiler & Mechanical

Gustav Wiedeke Award The Dow Chemical Company

The Dow Chemical Company

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Gustav Wiedeke