9060 Series

One-Revolution Tube Cutter

Let The Revolution Begin.

Using more advanced engineering principles the cutter and blade have been designed to last longer, withstand more wear and require less force to cut tubes. The 9060 Series tube cutters can be used for both cutting a tube for removal and puncturing the tube for venting prior to plugging.

  • 0.375” to 2.500” (9.525 – 63.5mm) OD

  • Reach: 6″ or 12″ (152.4 or 304.8mm)

  • Type: Tube Cutter

  • Great For Puncturing or Cutting

“After already getting two times the number of punctures out of Elliott Tool’s bit than a competing product, I inspected your bit and was really surprised that it still looked almost brand new.”

Increased Productivity

Get 24X more punctures with Elliott’s long-lasting blades.

Increased Tool Life

Engineered to last longer than any other cutter and blade.

Greater Productivity

Quick setup and easy use.

Low Capital Investment

Hex head drive- lower capital investment for drive motor.

Great For Tube Venting

Elliott recommends venting your tube prior to plugging. Ensuring operator safety and preventing future leaks.

The One-Rev Tube Cutter Produces 24X more Punctures Than The Competition