Overcoming Space Constraints In Boiler Tube Maintenance


Confined spaces are one of the most common challenges boilermakers face during tube installation and maintenance. From squeezing into drums, to working in tight utility rooms, space constraints are present in all aspects of the job. In order to get the job done quickly and effectively, it’s important that operators have the proper tooling on hand. Using the wrong tooling can make the job harder and pose safety concerns.

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Elliott Receives Inaugural Excellence In Boiler Innovation Award


Vienna, VA – April 27, 2022 – ABMA is excited to share that Elliott Tool Technologies, Nationwide Boiler and WARE are the inaugural recipients of the Excellence in Boiler Innovation (EBI) Awards that were presented at BOILER 2022.

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Tube Gauges Need Calibrating: True Or False?


In the world of industrial maintenance, there are various tools and gauges used to measure different aspects of machinery. Of these tools, tube gauges are some of the most important when it comes to tube tool installation and maintenance. They are used to measure the thickness or diameter of tubes, these gauges are essential for ensuring that heat transfer equipment is running smoothly and efficiently.

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The Future Of Tube Tool Innovation


In an increasingly competitive, global marketplace, reducing costs and improving lead times are critical for success. Accomplishing this while also improving quality and safety is a challenging task for any business. These considerations are why many businesses look to build strong partnerships with suppliers. A good partnership builds trust, increases collaboration, and enables teamwork to solve these challenges.  

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2022 Gustav Wiedeke Award Winner


Elliott Tool Technologies, a USA based tube tool manufacturer, presented their first annual Gustav Wiedeke award to John Derrick at Total Boiler & Mechanical. This award highlights the importance of customer participation in Elliott’s new product development process and encourages others to collaborate with Elliott to overcome industry challenges.

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