Tube Installation

Hand Hole Seat Grinder

Elliott is your one stop shop for tube installation tools. From start to finish, Elliott has the tube installation tools you need to get the job done. From tube gauges to tube pilots to tube end facers and more, Elliott is the only place you need to go when you have a tube installation job to complete.

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Tube Expanders

As the original tube tool company, Elliott invented and perfected the tube expander. Elliott manufactures tube expanders for many applications including condensers, chillers, heat exchangers, firetube and watertube boilers, and sugar vacuum pans. Elliott's tube expanders and rolling motors are the perfect pair for your tube rolling job. ... Read More

Tube Rolling Motors

Elliott has a full line of tube rolling equipment to suit your application needs. Elliott has both electric and pneumatic tube rolling motors that work powerfully to expand tubes in the most demanding applications. To help eliminate the over or under rolling of tubes, the ELC110220 Electric Torque Controller is recommended for use with electric tube rolling motors. ... Read More

Rapid Hawk Assisted Tube Rolling System

Rapid Hawk Hybrid Series Assisted Tube Rolling System

[su_menu name="Rapid Hawk Subnav" class="menu-subnav"] Bold precision, fierce productivity. [su_column size="4/5" center="yes"] Engineered with productivity and precision in mind, Elliott’s assisted tube rolling system completes the job right ... Read More

Monster Hawk Hydraulically-Driven Assisted Tube Rolling System

Monster Hawk

When Every Second Counts. [su_column size="4/5" center="yes"] True parallel pin rolling with the highest productivity of any assisted tube rolling system. [/su_column] [su_row] [su_column size="2/5"] [su_list icon="icon: check-circle" icon_color="#AA0500" class="feature-list"] Supports Motor ... Read More

445 Series Right Angle Pneumatic Rolling Motors

445 Series: Right Angle Pneumatic Torque Control Motor with Lever 90RPM

The quality you need. The compatibility you want. Elliott offers the 445 Series Motors in both roll and lever throttle for tube sizes 2.000” (50.8mm) to ... Read More

Tube Hole Gauges

Tube Hole Gauge

Elliott's Tube Hole Gauges make it easy to accurately measure tube IDs and tube sheet holes found in vessels such as heat exchangers, chillers, ... Read More

Tube Sheet Hole Brushes

Tube Sheet Hole Brush

Elliott's Tube Sheet Hole Brushes clean and remove hard deposits from tube sheets and support plate holes in surface condensers and heat exchangers. ... Read More

Grooving (Serrating) Tools

Grooving (Serrating) Tool

Elliott's GT Series Grooving Tools, also known as Serrating Tools, can be used manually to clean up existing grooves or can be used in ... Read More

Handhole Seat Grinder

Hand Hole Seat Grinder

Elliott's 7099-1 Hand Hole Seat Grinder is air-powered, light, easy to handle, and precision-engineered to reface boiler header seats. The Hand Hole Seat ... Read More

Pneumatic Hammer

Pneumatic Hammer

Elliott's 430G Pneumatic Hammer is the recommended driving tool for Elliott's Beading Tools and Flaring Tools. Beading Tools are made with different size ... Read More

Tube End Facers

Tube End Facer

Elliott's ETF Series Tube End Facers are ideal for trimming heat exchanger, condenser, and chiller tubes to a specific tube projection after tube expansion. ... Read More

Tube Pilots/Guides

Tube Pilots/Guides

Elliott's 63 Series Tube Pilots, also known as Tube Guides, are used to pilot replacement tubes through tube sheets and tube support plates that ... Read More

Lubricants Tube Expander Accessories

Lubricants Tube Expander Accessories

Elliott”s Lubricants are engineered to provide the best lubrication in tube rolling and roll beading applications. They will provide time and tool savings compared ... Read More

ELC110220 Electric Torque Controller

ELC110220 Electric Torque Controller

Elliott is pleased to introduce its ELC110220 Electric Torque Controller the first torque control with an Embedded Logic Controller that senses and is compatible ... Read More