Elliott Announces A Better Way To Groove Tube Sheet Holes

New and improved design increases mandrel tool life and cutting performance.

DAYTON, OH – April 10, 2023 – Elliott Tool Technologies, a USA based tube tool manufacturer, announced the launch of a newly redesigned Grooving & Serrating tool. Equipped with a reusable wear pad the new mandrel design allows for metal chips to escape easily, reducing damage to the mandrel and tube sheet hole.

“The biggest issue with tube sheet grooving is that over time, metal chips would gall up the backside of the mandrel,” said Thomas Wagner, Area Sales Manager, Elliott Tool Technologies. “This meant customers would have to continuously remove the tool and polish the mandrel to prevent it from scarring the ID of the tube sheet hole, which can be time consuming and costly.”

The new wear pad mandrel design is compatible with existing and new grooving tools, eliminating the need to replace the mandrel. Once the wear pad is ready for replacement, simply remove the set screws, and replace it with a new pad.

Working closely with customers allowed the Elliott team to determine the best possible solution without disrupting the job process. “What makes this design standout is that it’s simple and unique to the application,” explained Thomas. “Now instead of having to throw away mandrels after a few uses, customers are able to extend the life of the tool and reduce their inventory costs.”

For more information on how you can collaborate with the product development team, please contact Elliott Tool Technologies at (937) 253-6133, email sales@elliott-tool.com or visit Elliott’s website at www.elliott-tool.com.

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