Elliott Announces A Faster Way To Expand Small Heat Exchanger Tubes

New and improved design expands tubes faster than any Elliott expander before, now at a lower price.

DAYTON, OH – May 19, 2021 – Elliott Tool Technologies, a USA-based tube tool manufacturer, announced the launch of a new series of condenser expanders earlier this year. With the same proven tool life as the 24 series, the new 23 series is ideal for expanding small tubes commonly found in oil coolers and small heat exchangers.

“In smaller applications, the tube ID becomes more of a consideration because of how it affects the expander’s performance,” said Paul Niehaus, Product Engineer, Elliott Tool Technologies. “Understanding how size impacts the overall design of the tool allowed us to optimize speed without compromising repeatability or tool life. This new design really sets the 23 series apart from Elliott’s previous models in a serious way.”

The 23 series expanders are available in both standard and longer reaches to suit a variety of applications. Just like Elliott’s other product lines, the 23 series will be manufactured in the USA. Additionally, they pair well with Elliott’s new ET720 rolling motors.

Another challenge customers face is a competitive marketplace and reducing cost. Elliott’s new expander now comes at a lower price than ever before thanks to the improved design. “By implementing scalable components designed for manufacturability, we managed to lower the costs for these expanders significantly,” explained Paul. As a result, Elliott was able to pass those savings on as a lower price to customers.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact Elliott Tool Technologies at (937) 253-6133, email sales@elliott-tool.com or visit Elliott’s website at www.elliott-tool.com.

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