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What is Burnishing?


While traditional finishing methods are effective, in many cases, these processes require multiple operations and set-ups to achieve the desired finish. Burnishing is an effective and efficient alternative that often eliminates the need for secondary processes entirely.

What is Burnishing?2024-03-28T09:30:25-05:00

Fabrication Company Reduces Expansion Cycle Times by 80% With Parallel Pin Expansion


Dunn Heat Exchanger, Inc., a fabrication company located in Texas City, Texas, offers heat exchanger cleaning, decontamination, repair, and fabrication services in the highly competitive shell and tube market.

Fabrication Company Reduces Expansion Cycle Times by 80% With Parallel Pin Expansion2024-02-06T13:44:55-05:00

Mitigating Glitch on Shafts Using Diamond Burnishing Tool


Rotors or shafts used in steam and gas turbines, turbo generators and compressors, or any large motor, have to work within set standards for runout to ensure efficient and safe operation. If excessive runout is not eliminated during the manufacturing process, the motor would have to be disassembled and the shaft reworked. This can be a time consuming and costly process and one the motor manufacturer would want to avoid.

Mitigating Glitch on Shafts Using Diamond Burnishing Tool2024-01-08T09:42:08-05:00

2023 Gustav Wiedeke Award Winner


Elliott Tool Technologies, a USA based tube tool manufacturer, presented its annual Gustav Wiedeke Award to The Dow Chemical Company at Heat Exchanger World Americas 2023. This award highlights the importance of customer participation in Elliott’s new product development process and encourages others to collaborate with Elliott to overcome industry challenges.

2023 Gustav Wiedeke Award Winner2023-10-19T15:15:37-05:00

When To Retube or Replace


To get the best performance out of a vessel it’s important that it maintains necessary operating capacity. While there are several preventative maintenance procedures that can prolong the life of the vessel, eventually a decision on retubing or replacing the unit will need to be made.

When To Retube or Replace2024-03-06T08:50:17-05:00
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