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Are your pipe rattling cutters getting the job done?


Materials, manufacturing processes, and engineering principles all influence the quality of a cutter. In order for it to perform in tough applications, it needs to have the right combination of variables. Otherwise, the cutter can fail prematurely or provide inadequate cleaning performance.

Are your pipe rattling cutters getting the job done?2019-11-26T15:31:11-05:00

Get The Best Bead With Proper Set-Up


Single roll beading expanders simultaneously expand and bead the tube ends in firetube boiler applications. This tool accomplishes the creation of a pressure-tight tube-to-tube sheet joint, and a beaded tube end, by utilizing the natural feed force built into the expander to push the beading roll against the end of the tube while expansion is taking place. The successful operation of these expanders can be achieved by following a few simple steps.

Get The Best Bead With Proper Set-Up2019-11-25T14:11:19-05:00

The Evolution Of The Tube Plug


There have been many variations of the tube plug over the years in an effort to achieve maximum sealing area and to control the method in which it is installed. While each of these plugs are still commonly used today, they were designed to overcome various challenges operators have had over the years.

The Evolution Of The Tube Plug2019-11-25T14:11:20-05:00

Up And Running: 445 Series Right Angle Rolling Motors


Elliott offers the 445 Series Motors in both roll and lever throttle for tube sizes 2.000” (50.8mm) to 4.000” (101.6mm) to suit your tube expansion needs. The powerful 445 Series Motors are ideal for tough boiler tube applications. The right angle heads are suited for rolling tubes in hard to reach, tight areas.

Up And Running: 445 Series Right Angle Rolling Motors2020-02-28T09:08:49-05:00

Common Tube Removal Problems Solved


Retubing a vessel can be very extremely difficult depending on the type of vessel, how long the tube has been in service, and how efficient the initial expansion was. From support sheet bending to broken tubes, there are many issues that an operator can face during the removal process. Here are some tips & tricks you can use to overcome these common tube removal problems.

Common Tube Removal Problems Solved2019-11-25T14:11:21-05:00

How To Size Your Die Hard Brush


Sizing your brushes correctly to the tubes being cleaned is a critical step in operating your Die-Hard Cableless Tube Cleaner. Its cleaning technique incorporates a unique design unlike any on the market today and will require your attention to use your Die-Hard to its full potential.

How To Size Your Die Hard Brush2019-11-25T14:11:21-05:00