Eliminate The Hassle Of Broken Or Jammed Tube Cleaner Cables

Eliminate your challenges and problems associated with flexible shaft driven tube cleaners.

Contractors and maintenance personnel agree, the current method of tube cleaning using a rotary flexible cable to clean chillers is a hassle. The cable is problematic; it breaks, the feeding mechanism jams, and the feeder needs frequent and costly repairs. Substantial downtime is encountered to repair cables and units. Operators spend too much time suiting up in rain gear and mopping up water instead of cleaning tubes. This lost productivity is a significant cost to contractors and institutions.

The solution is a cableless tube cleaner. When buying a cableless tube cleaner, look for key important features:

• The twisting, flexible shaft is eliminated – this saves time, hassle, and consumable cost.
• A robust design ensures increased unit uptime and less maintenance and repair costs.
• 3’ per second auto-feed for high productivity.
• The operator stays drier as less water is required and excess water is channeled away from the operator.
• Quad Cleaning Action for better cleaning and productivity. Cleans 25% better than the current rotary shaft method on conventional enhanced tubes.

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