Elliott’s First Annual Gustav Wiedeke Award Winner Announced At Boiler 2022

Total Boiler & Mechanical Recognized For Their Outstanding Participation In Elliott’s Product Development Process

DALLAS, TX – April 12, 2022 – Elliott Tool Technologies, a USA based tube tool manufacturer, presented their first annual Gustav Wiedeke award to John Derrick at Total Boiler & Mechanical. This award highlights the importance of customer participation in Elliott’s new product development process and encourages others to collaborate with Elliott to overcome industry challenges.

“Elliott’s customers have largely driven the demand for new products and innovation,” said Ben Lambers, VP Technology, Elliott Tool Technologies. “In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it is imperative our customers find new and innovative ways to reduce costs, improve the quality of the products they deliver, and create a safe work environment for their employees.”

In 2021, John Derrick approached Elliott’s product development team with a challenge to create a smaller, lighter right angle rolling motor with enough power to perform in package boiler applications. After validating these problems with others in the market, Elliott’s team developed a motor that would help customers provide their skilled boilermakers with a safer and more ergonomic tool.

“At Elliott, we’re always working towards mutual success. When customers achieve their desired results then that’s a win for us,” said Mike Nemeth, President, Elliott Tool Technologies. “The Gustav Wiedeke award is a way to recognize an individual for challenging Elliott to further innovate in the support of our entire industry. John exemplified that and was outstanding in his support of frequent input and testing through the development process.”

For more information on how you can collaborate with the product development team, please contact Elliott Tool Technologies at (937) 253-6133, email sales@elliott-tool.com or visit Elliott’s website at www.elliott-tool.com.

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Pictured (Left to Right): Scott Lynch, American Boiler Manufacturers Association; John Derrick, Total Boiler & Mechanical; Mike Nemeth, Elliott Tool Technologies; Shaunica Jayson, American Boiler Manufacturers Association