Super Tube Tugger

Continuous Hydraulic Tube Pulling System

Super Tube Tugger Specifications

Tube OD Range

1.500” to 2.000”
(38.1 –50.8mm)


Capacity: 60 Ton (54.4mt)
Stroke: 4.000″ (101.0mm)
Tugger Diameter: 8.500″ (215.9mm)
Collapsed Length: 18.000″ (457.0mm)
Extended Length: 22.000″ (559.0mm)
Length Across Handles: 18.250″ (464.0mm)
Weight: 62lbs (28.0kg)

80-40200 Super Tube Tugger Kit

Tube Pulling Hydraulic Cylinder
Suspension Bracket Assembly with Side Handles
Collet Holder Assembly
(2) 15ft. (4.6m) Hydraulic Hose
Release Fork
Nose Piece Adapter
Set of Spanner Wrenches

Spares & Accessories

TCB66-88 Counter Balance
Collet Set*
Nose Piece*
Hydraulic Pump (110V, 220V, or Pneumatic)*

* Required to operate the Super Tube Tugger