Super Tube Tugger

Semi-Continuous Hydraulic Tube Pulling System

High Production Pulling Action.

With its 60 Ton pulling capacity, the Elliott Tube Tugger breaks expanded tube sheet joint bonds. The tugger then takes over and continuously pulls the tube when any obstructions are met.

Super Tube Tugger
  • Tube Size: 1.500” to 2.000” (38.1 –50.8mm) OD

  • Type: Tube Puller

  • Application: Boilers and Surface Condensers

  • Pulling Capacity: 60 Ton

  • Stroke: 4″ (101mm)

Powerful Tube Pulling System

Elliott’s Super Tube Tugger is a powerful continuous hydraulic tube pulling system for removing any type of tube material effortlessly from boilers and surface condensers.

Easy To Move

Portable ram & pump makes it easy to move in tight areas.

Low Labor Cost

High production pulling action.

Best Value

High tonnage makes difficult jobs easy.