Rapid Hawk

Assisted Tube Rolling System

Economical Solution To Eliminate Leaks & Increase Productivity.

Utilize the Rapid Hawk with its proven electric tube rolling system and complete the job right the first time.

Rapid Hawk Electric Series
  • Electric Rolling Motor

  • ELC110220 Electronic Torque Controller

  • Consistent Tube Expansion

  • Operator Friendly

Increase productivity by decreasing total job time

Consistent Tube Expansion

The Rapid Hawk increases productivity by eliminating costly rework from less precise rolling methods.

Roll Every Tube To Spec

The electric rolling motors offer better consistency than pneumatic motors when rolling tubes to ensure every tube is rolled to spec.

Easy For Operators To Use

ELC110220 Electric Torque Controller allows you to roll to the target ID every time.

Rapid Hawk Electric Series
Rapid Hawk Electric Series

Increase Tool Life

Swivel Mount supports the Power Head & relieves weight stress from the head.