Rapid Hawk

Assisted Tube Rolling System

Uncompromising Consistency With Faster Productivity.

Elliott’s Hybrid Series Rapid Hawk is the first of its kind. Offering the speed and productivity of a pneumatic motor with the precision and control of an electronically controlled system. It maximizes productivity by providing best in class cycle times and eliminating costly rework from less precise methods.

  • Pneumatic Motor

  • Direct Torque™ Electric Torque Control

  • Increased Productivity

  • Consistent Tube Expansion

  • Operator Friendly

Key results achieved during extensive production trial at Metalforms, Ltd.

Cost Per Expansion
Tube Leaks Due To System
System Downtime
Expansions Per Hour

Increased Productivity

The Hybrid Series takes ergonomics and productivity to a new level with trigger-less operation and auto-cycling. Simply turn the system on and it will start, stop, and reverse without any operator intervention.

Start, Stop, & Reverse Automatically

Auto-Cycling increases speed and precision with a Power Head that runs automatically.

Faster Motor, Same Precise Control

Increase speed with a pneumatic motor and roll each tube to spec with the electronic control system.

Zero Trigger Cycling

Trigger-less operation increases ergonomics with a simple on/off switch for operation.

Automatic Tool Lubrication

Through the cage Auto-Lubrication increases tool life by providing automatic expander lubrication exactly where it’s needed, through the cage and directly to the rolls & mandrels.

Change Tooling Quickly

Quickly change out Elliott’s long-lasting 24 Series Condenser Expanders with the built-in quick change chuck system.

Operator Friendly

Combining a pneumatically driven power head with Elliott’s patent pending Direct Torque™ technology, operators simply set a target torque and start rolling.

Operator Friendly Controls

User simply sets torque with the easy to use control panel.

Modular Motor System

Quickly change between different motors.

Consistent Tube Expansion

The system monitors torque and provides consistently precise wall reductions for every expansion.

Roll Every Tube To Spec

Direct Torque™ Electric Torque Control measures torque and controls system functions regardless of fluctuations in air supply. Allows you to roll to the target wall reduction each time to eliminate costly re-rolling.

Increase Tool Life

Swivel Mount securely supports the Power Head to ensure expander alignment and increase expander life.

Maintain Tool Alignment

Expander Holder increases tool life and ensures consistently rolled tubes with an expander holder that guides the expander and maintains tool alignment.