Stub Tugger

Hydraulic Tube Pulling System

Stub Tugger Specifications

Tube OD Range

Tube Size: 0.375” to 3.000”
(9.5 – 76.2mm)


Capacity: 30 Ton (27.2mt)
Stroke: 6.000″ (152.4mm)
Tugger Diameter: 6.500″ (165.1mm)
Collapsed Length: 18.000″ (457.0mm)
Extended Length: 22.000″ (559.0mm)
Length Across Handles: 18.250″ (464.0mm)
Weight: 46lbs (20.9kg)

80-40130 Stub Tugger Kit

Tube Pulling Hydraulic Cylinder
Suspension Bracket Assembly with Side Handles
Nose Piece
Nose Piece Adapter
Load Cap
Safety Shield
(2) 15ft. (4.6m) Hydraulic Hose

Spares & Accessories

TCB48-66 Counter Balance
Spear Extension*
Extension Chair*
80-305-3-00 Spear Adapter*
80-3055-4 Horseshoe Lock*
Hydraulic Pump (110V, 220V, Pneumatic, or Hand Pump)*
*Required to operate the Stub Tugger