Stub Tugger

Hydraulic Tube Pulling System

Extensive Tube OD Range.

Elliott’s Stub Tugger is a powerful hydraulic tube pulling system for removing tubes from both heat exchangers and boilers.

  • Tube Size: 0.375” to 3.000” (9.5 – 76.2mm) OD

  • Type: Stub Puller

  • Application: Heat exchangers and boilers

  • Pulling Capacity: 30 Ton (27.2Mt)

  • Stroke: 6″ (152.4mm)

Stub Tugger

Convenient Compatibility & Versatility

The Elliott Stub Tugger is compatible with other competitive spear type tube pullers and its compact length of 18” allows it to be used in confined spaces.

Lower Tooling Cost

Uses E-Series Hex Spears.

Increase Efficiency

Cylinder Strike Plate can be used as a slide hammer while still protecting the piston and seals, which increases convenience and efficiency.


Compatible with an extensive tube OD range.