Rotary Tube Cleaner

Stop Breaking Cables. Start Saving Money.

Every broken cable costs hundreds of dollars. Elliott’s Roto-Jet saves money over the entire life of the tube cleaning system with its innovative shaft design that utilizes a break-away coupling.

  • Tube Size: 0.275″ to 3.00″ (6.99 to 76.2mm) ID

  • Tube Section: Straight or Curved

  • Type: Soft, Gummy, Or Organic

  • Thickness: Light to Medium

  • Flush:Wet & Dry

Rotary Tube Cleaning System

“Our client was very pleased with the results from our work with Elliott’s equipment because the job was done faster and at better quality than with any other contractor on this application”

Sheik Mohammed, Majed A Alrammah Trading Est

Increase Energy Efficiency

Elliott’s Roto-Jet is an effective solution to increase chiller, condenser, and other heat exchanger efficiency.

Break-Away Coupling

Innovative coupling extends the shaft life by protecting it from a catastrophic break.

Rotary Tube Cleaning System Break Away Coupling
Rotary Tube Cleaning System Flexible Shafts

Flexible Shafts With Water Flush

Flushes deposits from the tubes, increasing heat transfer efficiencies.

Safe & Ergonomic

The Roto-Jet is lightweight and size for confined spaces, making it easy for operators to use.


Easy to move and use in confined work spaces.

Convenient Storage

Easy to store foot pedal, controls, and supplies.

Ground Fault Isolation

Protects operators from ground faults.