ID Multi-Roll Burnishing

Precision Metal Finishing Tools

A proven method for accurate sizing and finishing of bores

The cold working action will improve minor surface irregularities and tool marks resulting in a low microinch surface finish.

  • Size Range: 0.157” (3.912mm) – 6.500” (165.1mm)

  • Application: Hole ID Sizing, Finishing and Hardening

  • Low Microinch Finish

  • Accurate Sizing

How the ID Multi-Roller Burnishing Tool Works

The ID Multi-Roller Burnishing Tool consists of a cage, which retains tapered rolls rotating around on an inversely tapered mandrel. Within the work-piece, the tool is sized so that the roll develops a pressure that exceeds the yield point of the softer work-piece.

Three Roll Designs For Close Approach Applications

Through Rolls

Rolls with greater radius relief are used for through holes (Roll Style 1). These tools are self-feeding and a release clearance is required.
These rolls are interchangeable between blind and through cages.

Blind Rolls

Blind rolls burnish closer to the bottom of a hole or bore than through rolls (Roll Style 4).
These rolls are interchangeable between blind and through cages.

Bottoming Rolls

Used in blind hole applications to burnish as close as possible to the bottom of the bore (Roll Style 8).
These rolls are not interchangeable between blind or through cages.