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Experience The Elliott Difference On Your Next Job

“From the start, no delayed time cleaning tubes to uncoil twisted tube machine cable. More debris removed cleaning our chiller heat exchanger tubes compared to the other company’s machine.”

Neil McCallum, Technician, Cornell University

“We previously used tube cleaners with a galvanized cable driving the brush. We experienced multiple failures of the cables due to corrosion and mechanical stress. A decision was made to go to the Elliott system and we have seen a much greater reliability.”

Steven Richards, Assistant Manager for Maintenance and Operations, Syracuse University Steam Station
“Our client was very pleased with the results from our work with Elliott’s equipment because the job was done faster and at better quality than with any other contractor on this application”
Sheik Mohammed, Majed A Alrammah Trading Est
“Approved by all my operators as effective and easy to use as opposed to a rotary tool, cutting cleaning time by at least half.”
Chris Lewis, Maintenance Manager
“Elliott’s High Pressure [Mechanically Installed] Tube Plugs enable us to provide a tailored solution for every client.”
MB Engineering Services

Die-Hard™ Cableless Tube Cleaner

Elliott’s Die-Hard™ is the first cableless tube cleaner that successfully cleans light to medium deposits found in chiller, condenser, and heat exchanger tubes.

Roto-Jet Rotary Tube Cleaning System

Elliott’s Roto-Jet Tube Cleaning Systems are an effective solution to increasing chiller, condenser, and other heat exchanger efficiency.

Soot Buster Firetube Boiler Tube Cleaning System

The Soot Buster, used for cleaning firetube boiler tubes, is a pneumatically actuated cleaning tool that propels itself inside of tubes and scrubs the tube ID with each pulse.

RECON Series Tube Leak Test Guns

Test every tube quickly and efficiently with the most ergonomic test gun on the market. Simply connect the air supply, insert the seals into both sides of the tube ends and pull the trigger.

Torq N’ Seal® Mechanical Tube Plugs

Elliott’s Torq N’ Seal Mechanical Tube Plugs create a positive mechanical contact seal in excess of 6,500 PSI (448.2 bar), making them ideal for medium and high-pressure applications.

One-Piece Tube Plugs

Elliott’s One-Piece Tube Plugs cover a wide tube OD range, making them ideal for sealing leaky tubes in both heat exchangers and boilers.

Shaft w Brushes

Flexible Shafts & Brushes

Elliott’s Flexible Shaft saves money with its intuitive design that utilizes a break-away coupling. Brushes are also compatible with any rotary cleaning system.