After Thirty Years, CTI Industries Still Has The Fastest, Most Reliable Motor On The Market.

Quick Summary

The Challenge
  • CTI Industries tried various brands of pneumatic rolling motors.
  • Inconsistent torque shut-off and torque fluctuation were frustrating- under or over rolling tubes means higher costs.
The Solution
  • Elliott reintroduced the Midi- and Maxi-Torq Pneumatic Rolling Motors.
The Results
  • Saves over $300,000 per year as compared to using Airetool™ motor, 720-550B.
  • Satisfied with existing durability- the motors that he first tried over thirty years ago are still in service.

The Challenge

As a service company that specializes in steam condenser and heat exchanger repair worldwide, CTI Industries utilizes tube inserts to “sleeve” leaking tubes.

Over thirty years ago, CTI Industries first tried Elliott Tool Technologies’ 9011C Midi-Torq and 9015 Maxi-Torq pneumatic rolling motors.

CTI’s operators were pleased to find that the Midi-Torq and Maxi-Torq were perfect for their job application. The motors supported the tube OD range, torque range, and production rate required for their work. Additionally, the motors were very durable and reliable, essential for CTI since a large part of their work is performed in the field, all over the world.

About twenty years later, CTI was disappointed to learn that Elliott was discontinuing its Midi/Maxi Series Pneumatic Rolling Motors in favor of offering motors with “fresher” designs. So, over the years, CTI Industries tried various other brands of pneumatic rolling motors.

CTI found the following to be very frustrating:

• Motor is too big and bulky for operators to use.
• After a short time, the two trigger operation creates operator fatigue.
• Motor is difficult to repair in the field.
• The motor’s speed causes the expander and/or tube insert to overheat.
• Inconsistent torque shut-off.
• Torque fluctuates depending on the
temperature of the motor (i.e. how long the
motor has been used).

The inconsistent torque shut-off and torque fluctuation were especially frustrating since under or over rolling tubes means higher costs for CTI Industries and their customers!

CTI was so frustrated with these motors and so pleased with the performance of their Midi-Torq and Maxi-Torq motors that they went so far as to search for Elliott’s motors on eBay. (CTI discovered two used units which they then purchased.)

The Solution

Because of demand from customers like CTI Industries, Elliott Tool Technologies was pleased to recently reintroduce its Midi/Maxi Series Torque- Controlled Pneumatic Rolling Motors. CTI was pleased to find that the motors are still built of quality materials, providing both durability and reliability for field use. They also appreciate these key features – features that eliminated the challenges they experienced with other motors:

• Motor is compact and easy for operators to handle.
• Motor is easy to repair and service in the field.
• Motor speed saves significant time on the job, drastically reducing labor costs.
• Motor speed allows for quick work without overheating the expander and/or tube insert.
• Motor shuts off at a consistent torque limit every time.
• Torque is consistent throughout entire job (does not vary due to motor temperature).
• Good torque range, especially low torque capability.

Despite all these important features, CTI Industries is most satisfied with the durability and life of the Elliott Midi-Torq and Maxi-Torq motors. The motors that he first tried over thirty years ago are still in service today!

In fact, CTI Industries currently has about forty of Elliott’s Midi and Maxi rolling motors traveling the world.

CTI Industries is so satisfied with the reliability and performance of these motors that they utilize the Midi-Torq motor in their worldwide Supervisor and Technician training.

“The Elliott pneumatic rolling motors are very durable and reliable – I have Midi-Torq motors that have been in service for over thirty years.”
Ed Sudhoff, Technical Service Manager

The Results

By using the Elliott Midi-Torq, CTI Industries realizes over $300,000 in savings per year as compared to using Airetool™ motor, 720-550B.

As demonstrated in the diagram, 75% of these annual savings result from labor savings due to increased productivity. The high motor speed enables the Midi-Torq to successfully roll 2.5 times more tubes per hour than Airetool’s 720-550B!

Since reintroducing the motors, CTI has purchased four Midi-Torq’s and one Maxi-Torq motor. With considerable savings like this, it is no wonder that CTI Industries wanted Elliott to bring their Midi/Maxi
motors back!