How To Retube A Locomotive Boiler


Historically, many railroad companies used steam locomotives for transportation. Today, most steam locomotives are reserved for private rails, museums, and other charity organizations. As these systems age, they present several unique maintenance challenges that can arise due to the design and location of these units. Understanding the composition of locomotive boilers, as well as the maintenance needs, can make restoration jobs a little bit easier.

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When To Retube or Replace


To get the best performance out of a vessel it’s important that it maintains necessary operating capacity. While there are several preventative maintenance procedures that can prolong the life of the vessel, eventually a decision on retubing or replacing the unit will need to be made.

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Choosing The Right Tube Puller


When it comes to removing tubes, there are many different options to choose from. Hydraulic or automated pulling options can be a great way to speed up the job, reduce tube sheet damage, and improve operator ergonomics. However, before selecting a pulling package, it’s important to consider the vessel type, tube condition, and space constraints

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Increase Tool Life On Tough Materials: Benefit Of Tapping Spears


In recent years, the use of exotic materials in heat exchanger tubing has become a lot more common. While these materials are great for working in tough conditions, they can have be very challenging to work with as they often require more tooling and job time. This is especially true in tube removal where pulling spears are used. Tapping spears have become an effective way to overcome many of these issues.

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Boiler Tube Removal: How To Create A King Hole


With a variety of boiler tube removal methods out there, it can be difficult to determine the best approach for your application. Depending on the amount of expansion, age of the tube, and other wear factors, tubes can be extremely difficult to get out. Removing tubes through a king hole can be an easier method of removal, especially for operators with varying experience levels.

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Best Practices for Removing Boiler Tubes


Boiler tube removal can be an extremely difficult process and the method used will vary depending on the application. The amount of expansion, as well as, the age of the tube and whether or not it was welded will all impact the removal process. Despite the challenging nature of removal, there are a few tips that can help make this tough job a little bit easier.

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The Science Of Tube Cutting


Geometry, materials, coatings, and application all influence the performance and life of a cutting blade. In order for it to perform well, it needs to be designed to work in a certain application. Using the incorrect cutting blade will reduce tool life and negatively impact cutting performance.

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Common Tube Removal Problems Solved


Retubing a vessel can be very extremely difficult depending on the type of vessel, how long the tube has been in service, and how efficient the initial expansion was. From support sheet bending to broken tubes, there are many issues that an operator can face during the removal process. Here are some tips & tricks you can use to overcome these common tube removal problems.

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