Tube Plugs

High Pressure Tube Plug

Elliott offers three types of tube plugs to suit your application and budget: one-piece, two-piece, and high pressure. Elliott's tube plugs provide a simple, fast way to stop tube leaks.

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One-Piece Tube Plugs

One-Piece Tube Plug

Elliott's One-Piece Tube Plugs cover a wide tube OD range, making them ideal for sealing leaky tubes in both heat exchangers and boilers. ... Read More

Two-Piece Tube Plugs

Two-Piece Tube Plug

Elliott's Two-Piece Tube Plugs offer more sealing compared to One-Piece Plugs. The tapered pin is driven into the ring, which is tapered on ... Read More

High Pressure Tube Plugs

High Pressure Tube Plug

Elliott's High Pressure Tube Plugs provide positive sealing in excess of 6,500 PSI (448.2 bar), making them ideal for high pressure applications such as ... Read More