The Future Of Tube Tool Innovation

In an increasingly competitive, global marketplace, reducing costs and improving lead times are critical for success. Accomplishing this while also improving quality and safety is a challenging task for any business. These considerations are why many businesses look to build strong partnerships with suppliers. A good partnership builds trust, increases collaboration, and enables teamwork to solve these challenges.

Tube Tool Innovation

Your Problems Are Worth Solving

High costs, quality issues, and tube leaks caused great frustration for one large chiller OEM. Primarily using hydro expansion, the customer found it difficult to expand tubes into the tube sheet or supporting baffles, causing vibration and tube leaks. These issues resulted in downtime due to rework, increased labor costs, and missed customer deadlines. Spending over $500,000 a year in consumables and parts alone, the customer was looking for a way to reduce rework and costs.

Several tube tool companies were contacted but the customer ended up feeling defeated when they all returned with no solution. Then they turned to Elliott for support.

Due to this customer’s frustrations and the need for more support, the Elliott team traveled to their location to better understand what the challenges were so we could develop a successful solution.

Elliott’s Engineering team quickly got to work on designing a special expander that reduced fabrication time, re-rolling, and customer warranty claims.

Support You Can Trust

Your problems matter and Elliott strives to find creative, innovative solutions that will successfully solve them.

“Elliott’s Engineering team supports not just the design and development of new products, but the maintenance of legacy products as well. Designs are regularly updated or improved, based on changing manufacturing methods or evolving manufacturing processes,” said Ben Lambers, VP Technology, Elliott Tool Technologies.

Our Engineers work directly with the Operations Team to ensure a design is optimized for manufacturing, which eliminates production inefficiencies and prevents compromises to a design after it has been tested and prepared for launch.

Special & Custom Designs

When you’re faced with a unique application and off the shelf parts won’t do the job, a special, custom design could be for you.

Designing an effective special tool requires excellent business processes and the effort of a coordinated, highly skilled team.

When creating a special or custom design, Customer input is critical. Elliott’s customer experience team works with you to understand your needs and application challenges. Special systems and procedures ensure critical information is effectively communicated to our Engineering team so they can start working with Operations on creating a manufacturable and effective design. This is done in a timeframe that is measured in hours, not days, which allows us to produce a highly specialized tool in a timeframe that is not easily achieved by other manufacturers.

“We have a great team of engineers and manufacturing under one roof which allows for speed of development, and consistent achievement of quality that is not possible working with outside resources,” said Eric Higgins, Project Engineer, Elliott Tool Technologies.

When you work with the Elliott team you can count on quicker solutions, real-time feedback, better product support, and high-quality products.

Quality Tube Tools For An “I need it yesterday” World.

With over 125 years of developmental experience, our team is always looking for new ways to solve industry challenges. At Elliott, “we operate in an environment that is dynamic and driven by improvement, which keeps our minds open to new opportunities and growth,” said Eric Higgins.

You can be at ease knowing each department and team member will do anything they can to provide excellent service and to get you the tooling you need when you need it.

“What makes Elliott different is how we strive to provide our customers with an exceptional experience,” said Jaece Wendling, Product Engineering, Elliott Tool Technologies. “If we missed the mark, we want to know… This gives us the ability to instantly react to our customer needs as well as to continue to grow.”

With continued investment in new manufacturing equipment and technologies, Elliott is drastically accelerating the pace of new product development to better provide you with new creative, and innovative solutions.