Tube Bundle Cutter

SpeedCut Specifications


Speedcut Materials

Power Specifications

SpeedCut78 SpeedCut98
Blade Motor 7.5 HP
10 HP
Hydraulic Motor 1 HP
1 HP
Hydraulic Capacity 10 gal 10 gal
Power Requirement 3 Phase- 50/60 Hz
(Select from 208V – 600V)
3 Phase- 50/60 Hz
(Select from 208V – 600V)

Cutting Specifications

SpeedCut78 SpeedCut98
Cutting Capacity
Cutting Capacity
78.5″ (2m) height
85″ (2.16m) width
98.5″ (2.5m) height
98.5″ (2.5m) width
Cutting Depth/Throat 33.75″ (857mm) 33.75″ (857mm)
Blade Speed
(typical speed)
50 -275 FPM Infinitely Variable
(15 – 84mpm)
50 -275 FPM Infinitely Variable
(15 – 84mpm)
Blade Size 1.5″ x 0.05″ x 375″
(38mm x 1mm 9.8m)
1.5″ x 0.05″ x 402″
(38mm x 1mm 10.2m)
Typical Bundle Cutting Time 20 – 60 minutes 20 – 60 minutes

Dimensions & Weight

SpeedCut78 SpeedCut98
Working Area 168″ (4.3m) height
178″ (4.5m) width
87″ (2.2m) depth
213″ (5.4m) height
192″ (4.9m) width
87″ (2.2m) depth
Minimum Height 117″ (3.0m) 134″ (3.4m)
Bandwheels 36″ (914mm) cast iron 36″ (914mm) cast iron
Weight 7,500 lbs. (3,402Kg) 8,500 lbs. (3,856Kg)
Shipping Dimensions
130″ (3.3m) height
186″ (4.7m) width
100″ (2.5m) depth
143″ (3.6m) height
199″ (5.1m) width
100″ (2.5m) depth
Shipping Weight
9,500 lbs. (4,309Kg) 10,500 lbs. (4,763Kg)
Bundle Support Table
20″ (508mm) height
33″ (838mm) width
36″ (914mm) depth
20″ (508mm) height
33″ (838mm) width
36″ (914mm) depth
Support Table Weight
225 lbs (102kg) 225 lbs (102kg)

*Crate weight is based on an average unit. The final weight may vary.

Spares & Accessories

Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades:

Long-life, high quality blades for most materials, including copper, stainless steel, and exotic materials.

Clamp System:

Allows for improved stability of the tube sheet during the sawing process and an added measure of safety for the crew and the machine.

Bundle Support Table:

Provides support for the end of the bundle while the other side is cut.

MQL System Lubricant:

Specially formulated for use with the SpeedCut.

Recommended Spares Kit:

Includes spare maintenance parts for quick replacement and no downtime. Includes: Blade Brushes, Drive Belt, Gear Oil, Bearings, Fuses, Roller Axles, and Roller Supports.

SpeedCut78 SpeedCut98
Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades* SCT78B1
MQL Lubricant (1 gal) SCT100318-028 SCT100318-028
Bundle Support Table SCTBT SCTBT
Clamp System SCTMC SCTMC
Recommended Spares Kit SCT155291 SCT155291

* For help with blade selection, use the Blade Selection Tool or contact Elliott for assistance.