Find Tube Leaks Quickly & Easily

Tube testers are a quick and easy method to check for leaking tubes. Pressure and vacuum leak test guns are economical, simple to operate, and are useful for checking vessels out in the field. Looking for a pressure or vacuum tube tester? Elliott offers the most reliable and ergonomic test guns on the market.

Why Choose Elliott?

Here are 3 reasons why Elliott’s tube testers are a great option for identifying tube leaks:

1. They Are Easy To Use

Our pressure and vacuum-style tube leak guns are very user-friendly and easy to operate. Simply connect the air supply, insert the seals into both ends of the tube, and pull the trigger.


2. They Are Reliable

Following tube testing best practices, you can trust that tube test guns will give you quick and accurate results every time.


3. They Are Ergonomic

Designed after a leading pistol grip, Elliott’s leak test guns are easy to hold and use for repeatable testing.

Get To Know Our Tube Testers

Here is a brief introduction to Elliott’s tube testers:
Vacuum Test Gun

These vacuum-style test guns are the most versatile, as the seals cover a wide range of tube sizes. The RECON 1500 Tube Leak Test Gun is also easy to use. Simply connect an air supply, plug one tube end with the test gun and the other end with the T-Handle Plugging Tool, and hold down the trigger. Then check for a loss of vacuum via the gauge, this would indicate a leak.

Tube Leak Test Guns

Similar to the vacuum test gun, Elliott’s RECON 1250 and 2500 pressure test guns are easy to use. Simply connect the air supply, slide the seals into both sides of the tube ends, and pressurize the tubes. Then check the gauges for air pressure drops, indicating a tube leak.

Find The Best Tube Leak Test Guns At Elliott Tool Technologies

If you need a tube tester, Elliott Tool Technologies has you covered. We carry some of the most reliable test guns on the market, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a quality product.

Our tube testers are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best products possible. See our selection today and contact us.