PTTC Series

Tube Cutter

Quick Setup And Use For Greater Productivity.

Elliott’s PTTC Series Cutter’s adjustable collar allows tubes to be cut or scored just beyond the tube sheet.

PTTC Series
  • Tube Size: 0.375” to 2.500” (9.5 – 63.5mm) OD

  • Type: Tube Cutter

  • Tube Sheet Thickness: 5″ – 12″ (127.0 – 304.8mm)

  • Non-Ferrous/Steel or Stainless Steel Cutter Blades

Increased Productivity

The cutting blades are specially coated to increase longevity. Elliott offers two blade styles to achieve optimum cutting efficiency.

Greater Productivity

Quick setup and use for greater productivity.

Lower Tooling Cost

Includes an installed blade and a complete pilot set for a wide range of gauges.

Works With A Variety Of Motors

Hex head drive on cutters up to 1″ OD allows for easy driver connection.

Drive Motors Available

Elliott’s Tube Cutter Drive Motors are used to power the PTTC Series Tube Cutter. They are available in both electric and pneumatic models to suit your application needs.

Pneumatic Motors

23 CFM @ 90 PSI
100 RPM or 325 RPM

Electric Motors

110V or 220V
2 Speed Variable