Pipe Rattling Equipment

Oil Field Pipeyard Cleaning Motors & Heads

Setting The Standard In Tool Life & Cleaning Performance.

These product kits have been specially designed for the oil field. They are recommended for the most common sizes used in the industry today.


Pipe Rattling Equipment
  • Tube Size: 2.375″ to 20.00″ (60.30 – 508.00mm) OD

  • Tube Section: Straight

  • Type: Hard Powder & Rock Solid

  • Thickness: Medium to Heavy

  • Flush: Dry

Rattling motors and heads for a variety of tube sizes.

Rattling equipment for oil field tubular products are ideal for 2.375″ to 20.000″ (60.3 to 508.0mm) OD.


Powerful Performance

Designed using the most advanced engineering and manufacturing principles for powerful performance and superior cleaning.


Easy Maintenance

Gearless motor design for easy maintenance.

Long Tool Life

Armored hose design for rigidity and torque absorption.