Diamond Burnishing

Precision Metal Finishing Tools

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Diamond Burnishing Specifications

Standard Options

Tool Number Description
S2300-00 0.750″ square with o set tool holder
S2300-00M 20mm shank with o set tool holder
S2300A00 1.000″ square with o set tool holder
S2300A00M 25mm square with o set tool holder
S2300M00 1.000″ x 25mm “square” shank with the diamond on center
S2295-00 0.750″ square shank with boring bar arm on center

Replacement Parts

CompleteTool Diamond Stem Spring Screw
S2300-00 S375D1 S375-4-165 P8597-2N
S2300A00 S375D1 S375-4-165 P8597-2N
S2300B00 S375D1 S375-4-165 P8597-2N
S2300M00 S375D1 S375-4-165 128Y
S2295-00 S2295D1 548H
S2300-00M S375D1 S375-4-165 P8597-2N
S2300A00M S375D1 S375-4-165 P8597-2N
S2300B00M S375D1 S375-4-165 P8597-2N

Part Preparations

100-120 RMS

Feed Rate



250-500 SFM (750 Max)

Coolant Required

Water Soluble Or Oil

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