Cableless Tube Cleaner

Cleans Better In Less Time.

Elliott’s Die-Hard™ is the first cableless tube cleaner that successfully cleans light to medium deposits found in chiller, condenser, and heat exchanger tubes.

  • Tube Size: 3/4″ to 1″ (19.1 to 25.4mm) OD

  • Tube Section: Straight

  • Type: Soft, Gummy, Or Organic

  • Thickness: Light to Medium

  • Flush:Wet

Die Hard Cableless Tube Cleaner

Find out why leading universities & hospitals choose Die-Hard™ over other tube cleaning systems.

Die Hard Cableless Tube Cleaner

No Cable

That’s right- never spend time or money on replacement flex shafts or cables again.

Low Repair Cost

High uptime- ruggedly engineered to keep on performing.

Less Water

About half of the water is used compared to other brands! Reducing the time spent cleaning up and the concern of water leaking from the mechanical room.

Die Hard Cableless Tube Cleaner

High Productivity

3 feet per second auto feed.

Better Cleaning

Quad cleaning action with patented jet actuator.

Operators Love It

Ergonomic design keeps the operator dry during cleaning.

See The Die-Hard™ In Action!