Don’t Overlook The Importance Of A Tube Gauge

Tube Hole Gauges make it easy to accurately measure tube IDs and tube sheet holes found in vessels such as heat exchangers, chillers, and surface condensers.

Simply insert the tube gauge in the tube or tube sheet hole and use the 3-point ball contact to obtain an accurate measurement prior to and after tube expansion.

Accurate measuring of tube holes ensures tube expansion requirements are being met. Rolling to the required wall reduction is vital in creating a proper mechanical joint. Proper mechanical joints ensure the vessel is built to engineering standards, enable the efficiency of the vessel to be maintained and ensure the safety of the vessel.

The correct sizing of tube maintenance tools is also dependent on accurate tube ID measurements. When purchasing tooling for cleaning, testing and/or plugging of tubes, selection of the correct product requires an ID measurement. Providing an incorrect ID may lead to not obtaining the proper tool, which can cause delays for the job to reorder tooling or can cause damage to the tubes or tube sheet if improper tubing is used.

Tube Hole Gauges have benefits over other styles and methods of tube hole measurement. Some Tube Hole Gauges have small, metal balls used to make a 3-point contact with the ID being measured. It is easier and faster to use a 3-point method rather than 2-point calipers. Tube Hole Gauges are also more rugged than electronic gauges, which allows them to stand up to tough industrial environments.

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