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ABMA Announces Recipients of Inaugural Excellence in Boiler Innovation (EBI) Award at BOILER 2022

Vienna, VA – April 27, 2022 – ABMA is excited to share that Elliott Tool Technologies, Nationwide Boiler and WARE are the inaugural recipients of the Excellence in Boiler Innovation (EBI) Awards that were presented at BOILER 2022.

The Excellence in Boiler Innovation (EBI) Awards recognize the most cutting-edge and impactful projects along with the innovative products that are being created to address challenges in our end-user community.

Recipients were selected by a panel of third-party ABMA member judges who evaluated submissions based on completeness of application along with the innovation, value and creativity of the project that addresses the desires and challenges brought forth by the end-user.

Details of recipients’ submissions are below and these recipients will also be recognized in the next issue of Today’s Boiler.

Project Recipients

  • Nationwide Boiler
    Exxon Mobil Refinery Expansion Project with Temporary Package Boilers

    This project created a urea-based rental SCR systems as a temporary option with delivery of 6 complete systems in a remarkable 10-weeks. The solution also offered an alternative to the standard ammonia-based system which relieved a great deal of hazard analysis for the customer.

  • WARE with ABMA Partners Autoflame, Industrial Steam, Limpsfield and Victory Energy
    Allison Transmission Project

    This project expanded production and reduced fuel usage by 14% while overcoming design challenges to make the boiler system as close to 100% maintenance access to all areas without ladders.

This project featured the following:
– Victory Energy 70,000 & 30,000 PPH Industrial Watertube Boilers
– Limpsfield Low NOx Combustion System
– Autoflame Controls
– Industrial Steam Feedwater System 

Designing access to maintenance areas with stairs in lieu of ladders created significant space constraints that came in midstream. With the building already designed and built, WARE worked its partners to implement more than half a dozen design changes to meet all specifications.

Product Recipient

  • Elliott Tool Technologies with ABMA Partner Total Boiler & Mechanical, LLC
    Right Angle Rolling Motor 

    Elliott Tool Technologies created a lighter, smaller motor with optimal power for package boiler applications. After completing the prototype and conducting tests at a customer site, the team validated that the new motor design has the power to perform in real-world applications, is 40% lighter, and 23% shorter than the industry standard. 

    These improvements can significantly reduce downtime due to operator fatigue, eliminate the need for additional operators, and improve job safety. Overall, this new right-angle rolling motor is a great way to increase employee retention and make an already difficult job easier.

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