6621 Series

Sugar Mill Vacuum Pan Expanders

Easy Assembly And Disassembly

Ideal for the fabrication and re-tube of sugar mill vacuum pans.

  • Tube Size: 3.000” to 4.000” (76.2 – 101.60mm) OD

  • Roll Type: Straight

  • Application: Sugar Mill

6621 Series Expander

Safe & Ergonomic

They are operated from the top and eliminate the cumbersome and dangerous task of expanding the bottom tube sheet from underneath the pan. They also eliminate the need to purchase several short mandrels for bottom tube sheet expansions.

Operator Friendly

Less operator fatigue and it’s safer than rolling from bottom.

Lower Labor Cost

Less time spent rolling results in significant labor cost savings.

Double Radius Roll

Double radius rolls to avoid sharp edges on rolled areas.

Features & Benefits

Range for reach adjustment of up to 12″ (304.8mm).

Pin and washer mandrel retention.

Through-hole for vertical suspension (fits standard “D” rings).