Roto-Jet I & II Tube Cleaning Systems

Roto-Jet I & II Tube Cleaning Systems Elliott Tool Roto-Jet Cleaning Systems are an effective solution to increasing chiller, condenser, and other heat exchanger efficiency.

Elliott Tool offers a variety of Roto-Jet Tube Cleaners to suit your specific application needs:

  • Roto-Jet I Series: Electric heavy duty models 0620AR (110V) and 0820AR (220V) are ideal for mechanical contractors that perform tube cleaning on a regular basis. Equipped with a 1 HP motor, these cleaners are powerful yet simple to use due to their reversing capability.
  • Roto-Jet II Series: Electric models 0650R (110V) and 0750R (220V) are recommended for operating sites such as hospitals, schools, and other institutions that perform tube cleaning on a periodic basis. Equipped with a 1/2 HP motor, these cleaners are economical and reversible, making them easy to operate and handle.
  • Pneumatic Roto-Jet: Model 0420 is a pneumatic tube cleaner with a powerful 4 HP motor to clean tubes where electricity is not readily available. The 0420 is perfect for tube cleaning performed in power utility plants and paper, steel, and sugar mills.

All of the Roto-Jet Tube Cleaning Systems use flexible shafts and cleaning tools to flush deposits free from the tubes, enabling you to increase heat transfer efficiencies while reducing your heat transfer costs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy duty shaft for cleaning heavy deposits.
  • Flexible shaft with water flush for removal of deposits in curved tubes.
  • Storage compartment for foot pedal, controls, & supplies.
  • Light weight and sized for confined work spaces.
  • Uses standard flex shafts for easy maintenance.
  • Ground fault isolation for increased operator safety.
  • Roto-Jet II (220V) is CE mark certified

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