Turbine Style Tube Cleaners

D600, 1100, & 1300 Series

Work Faster & Clean Better.

The air turbine style motor design provides an immediate and powerful startup to provide long tool life and to withstand tough cleaning applications.

  • Tube Size: 0.495″ to 13.225″ (12.57 to 335.9mm) OD

  • Tube Section: Straight & Curved

  • Type: Soft, Gummy, Organic, Hard Powder, & Rock Solid

  • Thickness: Light to Heavy

  • Flush: Dry

Turbine Style Tube Cleaners

Three Series For Every Application

Elliott offers a wide selection of cleaning heads and air motors to accommodate a variety of tube sizes and deposits.

D600 Series
1300 Series
1100 Series

Features & Benefits

Easy Maintenance

Gearless motor design for easy maintenance.

Long Tool Life

Armored hose design for rigidity and heat resistance, prolonging tool life.

Powerful Cleaning Action

The powerful air turbine motor drives the cleaning head down the tube at a high speed, removing light to medium deposits of scale, mud, and other process residues.

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