Tooling Checklist: Save Time By Reviewing Field Maintenance

Rushing out to a job site? Review your tooling before you go to ensure you are prepared to overcome any challenges you may encounter. Here is a general checklist of tools recommended during heat exchanger and/or boiler maintenance.

Tube Cleaning
  • Brushes and/or Cleaning Heads (multiple sizes – in case customer has measured incorrectly)
    For more information on selecting cleaning heads for various jobs, please see “How To Select A Cleaning Drill” and “How To Select A Cleaning Brush”.
  • Spare Cutters for Cleaning Heads
  • Shoot-thru devices (brushes and/or scrubbers)
  • Shaft Extensions
  • Spare Breakaway Couplings
  • Spare Actuators (Die-Hard)
Tube Testing
  • Seal Sets (multiple sizes – in case initial measurements were incorrect)
  • Extensions (in case header box is present)
Tube Plugs
  • One Piece Tube Plugs
  • Two Piece Tube Plugs
  • Mechanical Tube Plugs
  • One-Revolution Tube Cutter (for venting tubes prior to plugging)
  • Spare Blades for One-Rev Tube Cutter
  • Tube Brushes (for cleaning tubes prior to plugging)
  • Torque Wrench (for installing Mechanical Tube Plugs)
Other Useful Inclusions
  • Tube Gauge (for proper measurement of tubes and tube sheet holes)
  • Make sure the tube gauge is properly calibrated. For more information, see “How To Calibrate A Tube Gauge”.
  • Technical Manuals of Tools (for reference and/or troubleshooting)Most of Elliott’s Technical Manuals, can be found here.
  • Small Vise
  • Light
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Repair Parts for other items