445 Series

Right Angle Rolling Motors

The Quality You Need. The Compatibility You Want.

Elliott offers the 445 Series Motors in both roll and lever throttle for a variety of tube sizes to suit your tube expansion needs.

  • Tube Size: 1.500″ to 4.000″ (38.1 – 101.6mm) OD

  • Type: Right Angle Rolling Motor

  • Power: Pneumatic

  • Torque: Torque Controlled Or Stall Type

445 Series Motor

Convenient Compatibility

Motor parts are designed to be truly compatible with Cleco® and Airetool® motors, for convenient maintenance of existing motors.

Increased Productivity

The 445 Series Motors have undergone hundreds of hours of rigorous testing, proving tool life and ensuring quality.

Long Tool Life

High quality proven design for long-lasting tool life.

Great For Use In Small Spaces

Right angle head enables rolling in hard to reach or tight areas.

Powerful Motor Design

Powerful 445 Series Motors are ideal for tough boiler tube applications.

Smaller Motor, Optimal Performance

This new innovative design features the same quality you’re used to, now in a smaller, lighter package.

Right Angle Motor

Compared to -90 RPM motor

Short, Operator Friendly Design

Easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Weighs Only 13 lbs

Less weight reduces operator fatigue, increasing productivity.

Increased Safety

Decreased size gives operators more freedom of motion in confined spaces, reducing risk of injury.

Smaller Package, Optimal Performance

Speed and torque is optimized to get the job done without bogging down, resulting in smoother, faster rolling.