Pneumatic Hammer

Lightweight & Compact Design.

The recommended tool for removing tube stubs in heat exchangers or beading tubes in firetube boilers.

Pneumatic Hammer
  • Tube Size: 0.250″ to 3.000″ (6.4 – 50.8mm) OD

Bead & Flare Tubes Quickly

Elliott’s Pneumatic Hammer is the recommended driving tool for Elliott’s Beading and Flaring Tools.

Beading Tools

Made with different size radii for beading tubes in firetube boilers.

Flaring Tools

Used for flaring the inside of tube ends in firetube boilers.

Easily Collapse & Knockout Tubes

The recommended driving tool for Elliott’s Knockout and Collapsing Tools to remove tube stubs in heat exchangers.

Collapsing Tools

Used to collapse one end of the tube so that it can be pulled out from the other end of a heat exchanger.

Knockout Tools

Also known as tube drifts, knockout tools are used to punch the tubes out of a tube sheet.


Easy to move and use in confined work spaces.

Greater Productivity

Can be used for tube collapsing, flaring, beading, and removal.

Improved Operator Safety

Uses retainers on tools to improve operator safety.