PX24 Series

Parallel Pin Condenser Expanders

True Parallel Pin Tube Expansion.

Parallel pin can reduce the stress created on welded tube joints when compared to tapered rolling.

PX24 Series Expander
  • Tube Size: 0.750″ to 1.000″ (19.05 – 25.4mm) OD

  • Type: Parallel Pin Condenser Expander

  • Application: Chillers, heat exchangers, feedwater heaters, fin fan coolers, and surface condensers.

Proven Tool Life From The Inventor Of The Tube Expander

Based on the same design principle as the 24 Series, Elliott’s parallel pin expanders provide 2-4X the tool life compared to the competition.

Traditional Expander

Parallel Pin Expander

A Variety Of Styles To Suit Your Needs

Elliott’s PX24 Series expanders are available in both standard and long reaches to suit your application.

Automatic Tool Lubrication

Through the cage Auto-Lubrication increases tool life by providing automatic expander lubrication exactly where it’s needed, through the cage and directly to the rolls and mandrels.

What Is Parallel Pin Tube Expansion?

Read the article to learn more about the benefits of parallel pin expansion.