85 Series

Operating Hose

Engineered To Perform In The Toughest Applications

Elliott’s 85 Series Operating Hoses are designed to perform even in the toughest applications. Utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques and materials, these hoses provide the durability and rigidity you need to get the job done.

  • Pipe Thread: 0.125″ to 1.250″ (3.18 to 31.8mm)

  • Type: Standard, Heavy Duty, High Temperature

Operating Hose

Hoses For Every Application

Elliott’s 85 series offers a standard hose, heavy duty hose, and high temperature hose option to suit a variety of applications.

Standard Operating Hose

Great for smaller turbine cleaning applications with light to medium deposits.

Heavy Duty Hose

Elliott’s Heavy Duty hose is designed to hold up in tougher applications. Made with an internal layer of steel braiding and an abrasion and oil resistant wrap, this hose is ideal for pipe rattling applications, heavy deposits, and large transfer lines.

Heavy Duty Operating Hose

High Temperature Hose

Elliott’s High Temperature hose is engineered to withstand high heat applications. This innovative design pairs a durable, double-braided hose with an insulating Kevlar sleeve, rated to perform in upwards of 500°F, making it ideal for Aluminum Siphon cleaning.

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