Internal Recessing Unit

Precision Metal Finishing Tools

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Internal Recessing Unit Specifications

Feeds & Speeds

Material Machined Surface Feet Per Minute
Cast Iron- Gray 100-110
Cast Iron- Nodular 30-70
Steel/Forgings 35-70
Aluminum & Brass 150-160

Operating Procedure

1. The IRU is fed into the work-piece at a fast feed rate with the pilot locating within the bore until the nose piece is approximately .020” (0.5mm) from the face of the work-piece.

2. Feed into the work-piece at a cutting feed rate and make contact with the face of work-piece. At this point the operating head and nose piece are engaged and will stop rotating.

3. Continue feeding forward causing the system to actuate, lifting the cutter perpendicular to the axis of rotation, machining the internal features in the bore.

4. Retract the IRU three (3) times faster than the cutting feed rate.

5. Once the nose piece is off of the face of the work piece the cutter has fully retracted back into the pilot and from this point the IRU can be rapid fed out of the work-piece.

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