OD Carbide Roll Burnishing

Precision Metal Finishing Tools

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Replace secondary operations while obtaining superior surface finish.

The versatility of these tools allows the burnishing of external diameters, tapers, radii, and face as well as large internal bores.

  • Part Preparations: 100-120 RMS

  • Feed Rate: 0.004”/0.008”

  • Speed: 400-800 SFM (1,200 Max)

  • Coolant Required: Water Soluble Or Oil

  • Low Microinch Finish

  • Work Hardening

  • Easy To Use

  • Proven Quality

  • Lowers Cost

  • Improves Processes

See It In Action!

A consistent, repeatable process that eliminates costly secondary operations.

The OD carbide roll burnishing tool can be used to burnish OD’s, at face surfaces, and shallow ID parts (Up to 1.000″ deep).

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