OD Carbide Roll Burnishing

Precision Metal Finishing Tools

Replace secondary operations while obtaining superior surface finish

The OD Carbide Roll Burnishing Tool is designed to burnish outer diameters, tapers, radii, face surfaces, and internal bores (Up to 1.000″ deep).

  • Part Preparations: 80-100 μ-inch Ra (2.0-2.5 μ-m Ra)

  • Feed Rate: 0.004”/0.008”

  • Speed: 400-800 SFM (1,200 Max)

  • Coolant Required: Water Soluble Or Oil

  • Low Microinch Finish

  • Work Hardening

  • Easy To Use

  • Proven Quality

  • Lowers Cost

  • Improves Processes

How the OD Carbide Roll Burnishing Tool Works


• Effective for various part configurations.
• Suitable for a variety of metals – all ductile metals can be burnished.

Work Hardening

• Increases the surface hardness through the cold working process and compressive forces.
• Increases metal’s density and resistance to fatigue and failure at stress points.

Easy to Use

• Limited training required to operate.
• Easy to maintain and repair.

Styles to Meet Your Application Needs

Standard Style

Top-Hat Style