Manual Tube Puller

Uses Standard Spears For A Lower Tool Cost.

Elliott’s Manual Tube Puller is ideal for pulling a limited amount of tubes in heat exchangers, chillers, fin fan coolers, and surface condensers.

Manual Tube Puller
  • Tube Size: 3/8” to 1.000” (9.5 – 25.4mm) OD

  • Type: Tube Puller

  • Application: Heat exchangers, chillers, fin fan coolers, and surface condensers

Accommodates A Variety Of Tube Sizes

One puller accommodates tube OD sizes 3/8” to 1” so you only need to purchase a nose piece for each tube size.

Compact Design

Elliott’s manual tube puller is lightweight and easy to store.

Easy To Use

The Manual Tube Puller allows you to pull tubes easily and at minimum cost.


Lower Tool Cost

Uses standard spears and is a manual tool, so there is no capital expense for a pump and ram.

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