Jiffy Gun

Shoot Through Tube Cleaning System

Remove Soft Deposits In Seconds.

Powered by an air and water combination, the Jiffy Gun can propel a wide range of reusable shoot through devices, cleaning tubes in seconds.

This Product Has Been Replaced By The Jumbo Jiffy Gun

Jiffy Gun
  • Tube Size: 3/8″ to 3/4″ (9.5mm to 19.0mm) OD

  • Tube Section: Straight

  • Type: Soft, Gummy, Or Organic

  • Thickness: Light to Medium

  • Flush: Wet

Preferred Cleaning Method

Elliott’s Jiffy Gun Tube Cleaning System is the preferred method for cleaning condenser tubes in power utility plants, pulp, paper, steel mills, and petrochemical plants.

  • Wide Range Of Sizes

    The nozzle covers a wide range of sizes, eliminating the need for multiple nozzle sizes.

  • Lower Cost

    Utilizes reusable shoot through devices for lower cost.

Jiffy Gun Shoot Through Brush