Grooving (Serrating) Tools

Cutting Edge Design & Performance

Elliott’s newly redesigned GT Series Grooving & Serrating Tools are engineered for optimal cutting performance and tool life. Designed for use in both manual and machining applications, allowing for greater customer flexibility.

  • Tube Size: 0.375” to 3.000” (9.5 – 76.2mm) OD

Grooving Tool

Increase Mandrel Tool Life & Cutting Performance With Reusable Wear Pads

Now equipped with a reusable wear pad, the new mandrel design allows for metal chips to escape easily, reducing damage to the mandrel and tube sheet hole.

Grooving Tool Blade

Improve Cutting Performance

Cutter bits are designed for extended tool life, allowing for repeatable, accurate cuts.

Extend Mandrel Tool Life

Mandrel wear pad reduces tool wear, eliminating the need to replace the mandrel.

Grooving Tool Wear Pad
Grooving Tool

Designed For Optimal Metal Chip Escape

New mandrel design allows for optimal chip escape, reducing damage to the mandrel and tube sheet hole.