Gas Line Renewal

Setting The Standard In Tool Life & Cleaning Performance.

The air turbine style motor design provides an immediate and powerful startup to drive the cleaning head down the tube at high speed, removing light to medium deposits of scale, mud, and other process residues.

Gas Line Renewal
  • Pipe Size: 0.750″ to 1.500″ (19.05 – 38.10mm)

  • Tube Section: Straight

  • Type: Soft, Gummy, Organic, & Hard Powder

  • Thickness: Light to Medium

  • Flush: Dry

“We tried a lot of other tools on the market and they were a total failure. Elliott’s gas line cleaners are the best I’ve ever used!”

Rick Rizzardi, Manager Gas Operations, Miller Bros

Features & Benefits

Fast Start-Up

Powerful metal vane motors for fast startup.

Long Tool Life

Reinforced operating hose and metal vanes for prolonged tool life.

Easy Maintenance

Bearing-less design makes it easy to service, with no special tools required.

One-Man Operation

Optional air valves allow you to turn off supply near the motor, making it a one-man operation.