ET75 Series

Stall Type Angle Nutrunners

The quality you need. The compatibility you want.

The powerful ET75 Series Nutrunners are ideal for use in tough industrial applications and for opening and closing valves in industrial plants. The right-angle heads are suited for use in hard to reach, tight areas.

  • Torque Range: 70 – 325 ft lbs (95 to 440 Nm)

  • Type: Stall Type Angle Nutrunners

  • Application: Opening & Closing Valves In Industrial Plants

Two Styles To Suit Your Needs

Elliott’s ET75 Series stall torque right angle nutrunners are available in two different torque and RPM configurations to suit a variety of applications.

90 RPM Nutrunner

90 RPM

70 – 155 ft lbs

190 RPM Nutrunner

190 RPM

150 – 325 ft lbs

Increased Productivity

The ET75 Series Motors have undergone hundreds of hours of rigorous testing, proving tool life and ensuring quality.

Long Tool Life

High quality proven design for long lasting tool life.

Works Great In Tight Spaces

Right angle head enables use in hard to reach or tight areas.

Convenient Compatibility

Parts are truly compatible with Cleco® for convenient maintenance of existing nutrunners.